• Outdoor Structures & Fences
  • Plantings
  • Water Features
  • Stone Work
  • Water Features
  • Lighting and Irrigation

Design & Build

There is nothing that adds to the refinement of your outdoor space like a custom-designed landscape that has been thoughtfully planned and built for you by a professional landscape design team who considers your outdoor environment, your lifestyle, and your tastes. Your landscape should be uniquely YOURS.

Stone Work

Our dedication to enhancing and working with the natural beauty of an area is represented strongly in the artistry of our stone work. Stone provides a natural dignity to a landscape, the many colors and textures available allow for a wide variety of unique design options. Visit our stone page to learn more about how we can build your stone wall, walkway, or patio.  

Outdoor Structures & Fences

Nothing adds to the refinement of an outdoor space like our architectural features. Pergolas, gazebos, fences, or pool cabanas lend a sophisticated beauty when integrated into your landscape.  

Water Features

Our design team has an intimate awareness of the tranquilizing properties of water. Whether the soft ramblings of a brook, the hypnotic cascade of a waterfall, the soothing views of a garden pool, or the melodic sounds of a fountain – water provides a sense of peace that no other gardening feature can achieve.  

Benches, BBQs, and Fireplaces

Nothing adds more value to your landscape than your own enjoyment of it. That’s why Toadflax has found ingenious ways to build benches, BBQs, and fireplaces into backyard landscapes.  


Our extensive variety of trees and shrubs combined with the knowledge of our design and landscape construction teams allows you to let your imagination run loose with possibilities. We have gained the reputation of carrying unusual varieties of plants, trees, and shrubs. This provides an extra advantage in creating unique landscapes and garden areas. Or perhaps, it’s simply a natural looking decorative display you’d like for the holidays – we do that too!  

Lighting and Irrigation

Artfully illuminated walkways plus inventive lighting accents for water and garden features are just some of the ways we carry the vision of your landscape into the subtle beauty of the evening. Meanwhile, to help ensure the continued vibrancy of your landscape, we offer irrigation services tailored to the needs of your lawn and garden.