Useful Tips

  • Landscape Lighting is the Secret to an Outstanding Space

    Landscape Lighting is the Secret to an Outstanding Space Nightscaping is one of the hottest trends in home improvement today. It is an often overlooked design feature outside your home but is something you’re bound to enjoy as it will call you outside on those perfect evenings. Most of us spend our days working inside rather than outside. Many nights, once we get home, fix dinner, take care of the kids or finish up chores the sunlight has faded. Without the right landscape lighting, there may not even be a reason to go outside at all. Soft outdoor lighting will not only enhance your deck, patio or yard, it has the ability to transform it into a place you’ll love to be – no matter if it is already dark out or not. Imagine a warm summer night, a soft breeze in the air, an inviting patio with soft landscape…Read More

  • How to Attract Birds in the Winter

    How to Attract Birds in the Winter Have you ever spent any time trying to attract birds to your garden? It’s an entertaining pastime, and can even be quite rewarding, to tally up the various species that visit the feeders and bird friendly landscaping in the garden. While many homeowners look for their birds during the spring and summer months, there is actually a great need to help our fine feathered friends during the long cold days of winter. During the winter months, birds spend most of their time and energy seeking out food, water and shelter. It can be a desperate time for them, especially here in Upstate New York when the temperatures plummet and snow blankets most of their feeding grounds. With a little bit of planning, however, you can transform your garden into a prime location for birds to find both shelter and sustenance. The selection of…Read More

  • Fall Gardening Chores Made Easy

    We made it through the dog days of summer, and now the leaves are changing, and the temperature is dropping. Crisp days and cool nights are upon us, which means it is time to put your gardens to bed and finish up your fall gardening chores before the snow flies! Where to begin? The first thing to do is to take a quick look around your beds and start with a good clean up. Leave ornamental and wildlife friendly plants standing. Next, take out any sickly-looking plants and destroy the debris to minimize next year’s issues with squash bugs, cabbage worms, and other pests and diseases. Now is also a a good time to trim any dead or broken limbs. Doing it now, will save time later.  A hard freeze or heavy snow can break more branches and cause more damage during winter. Gather up and dispose of any dead…Read More

  • Survival of the Fittest Garden

    Survival of the Fittest Garden So, you’ve made it through an upstate winter and hopefully, your garden area did too. With the snow and ice and rain that we get during the winter months, many people look forward to as a way to put it all past them. But for some, their gardens aren’t as successful as what they could be because they lack a bit of knowledge when it comes to summer gardening tips. We have put together some of the most important tidbits of information that will help transform your “just ok” garden into a flourishing success this summer. Preparation for your garden this summer is the key. Summer weather varies from region to region, so knowing what temperatures and time frames you have to work with will help, as well as what varieties of plants or vegetables will do well is also important. Then comes time to plot your space…Read More

  • Getting the Cook’s Garden of Your Dreams

    Getting the Cook’s Garden of Your Dreams Once you’ve mastered the basics of gardening and have grown to love the hobby, you may want to start to expand your garden into a fruitful array of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that can take your food from your garden to your table. A cook’s garden includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that you can mix together to create delicious dishes without having to go to the grocery store on a daily basis! We’ve put together some tips for creating a cook’s garden based on regional expertise and experiences of other master gardeners. Saving time and money is what a cook’s garden is all about – you’ll have the ingredients right in your back yard and you can go pick them in the morning or afternoon and get them ready for the evening meal with friends and family. Herbs are…Read More