Tree Planting Instructions

1.Be sure to locate all under ground utilities prior to digging the hole.

2. Avoid planting trees around or under power and telephone lines.

3. Trees and shrubs should be planted within 24 hours of purchase. Plants must be watered daily and placed in a shady location if they cannot be installed right away.

4. Balled and Burlapped Plants: Peel back the burlap and carefully remove only enough soil to expose the trunk flare. Containerized Plants: In general containerized grown plants can be planted to the depth of the soil in the can.

5. Find the trunk flare (This is where the trunk of the tree meets the large roots.) and measure distance from the bottom of the root ball to the trunk flare.

6. Subtract 2-3 inches from the measurement; this is how deep you are going to dig the hole for the plant.

7. The width of the hole should be 2-3 times as wide as the root ball.

8. Working from the center of the hole, create sloping sides much like a saucer.

9. Place the root ball in the hole. The base of the root flare should be level or slightly higher than the ground outside the hole.

10.When positioning your tree, be sure the tree is straight and have the best face of the plant aiming in a desirable direction.

11. Place some soil around the base of the tree to stabilize the root ball. This is also a great opportunity to apply some organic fertilizers and mychoriza products to the soils.

12. Containerized Plants: Distress the root system in order to minimize encircling roots. Balled and Burlapped Plants: Remove the first 8 to 16″ of wire basket and burlap but only when the tree is well positioned. Do not be concerned about the burlap and wire basket on the very bottom of the root ball.

13.Back-fill the hole using quality soil and compost. When full create a basin or curb of soil around the plant to retain water.

14. Place a hose in the basin and allow the water to trickle in for 30-60 minutes. This will insure that the bottom roots are well hydrated.

15. Mulch should be placed in a wide band approximately 3 times the diameter of the root ball, over the root zone and no more than 2-3″ deep tapering to, but not piled up against the trunk of the plant.

16. In general, apply 3-5 gallons of water per inch of the tree trunk caliper.

17.Water your plants 2-3 times a week for a 6 week period or as needed, until the plant is established. Under drought conditions watering regimes may need to be extended.

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