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Toadflax Nursery is a distributor and professional supplier of all types of stone products, including those native to the New York, Vermont, and Pennsylvania area as well as those from as far away as Italy. Natural stone is an environmentally-friendly building material, as well as adding natural beauty and elegance to any landscape.

Stone Walls

Rough, yet natural and inviting, nothing speaks of permanence like a stone wall. Our wall stone can be used to construct retaining walls and borders that create additional space, elevate flower gardens, edge driveways and yards, separate varying elevations, and so much more. Toadflax Nursery’s wide selection of wall stone will accentuate the most formal – or rustic – landscape.  

Stone Walkways & Patios

A walkway becomes much more than a sidewalk and a patio more than a concrete slab, when it is constructed of handpicked stones carefully laid into place by an artist. Let us transform your yard with a meandering, magical pathway that leads to your garden or pool. Whether you choose stepping stone, flagstone, cut stone, or brick, our designers and masons will deliver a walkway like none other. And, let’s convert your patio into a true backyard destination. With unique stone, hand-drawn blueprints, and the eye of an artist – your patio will be a mosaic masterpiece.  

Stone Stairways

Weary of dealing with uneven terrain? With a few hand-picked bar stones, we can turn your headache into a focal point of enduring beauty, stability, and functionality. Each step will be chosen from our own New York quarry specifically for your project. Yes, we even do winding stairways.  

Water Feature & Monument Stone

Planning a natural-appearing water feature or monument? Toadflax Nursery always has several completely unique boulders in stock. Perhaps a stone shaped by centuries of rushing water or a Gore Mountain Garnet is all it would take to complete your picture-perfect look.  

Bulk Stone

And, to fill in those small areas or top dress your driveway, Toadflax Nursery carries a full line of bulk stone. Call today to see what we currently have in stock or choose from our constant supply of slate chips in red, gray, or black; crushed limestone; round river stone; or gravel.