Perennial Plants and Gardens

Perennial GardensLush green grass with a crisp perennial border… Nothing is more breathtaking than a beautiful outdoor garden! As we celebrate Perennial Gardening Month, take time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Tend your garden, pick fresh bouquets of flowers, surf the internet for gardening inspiration, and most importantly plant new colorful perennials to commemorate this fun holiday!   Perennials are a favorite among many with their vibrant colors, variety of texture, ease of care, and their economic advantage of new life each spring. While planning new additions, take careful consideration when selecting new plants.  

Geographic Location

Perennials, like many other flowers, are sensitive to location. Take time to research plants that are best suited to your geographic area. In upstate New York we require plants that are able to survive drastic weather change and freezing temperatures. Excellent choices for this environment include the Virginia Creeper, Snow‐in‐ Summer, Stonecrops, Common Bearberry, Northern Maidenhair Fern and Lily of the Valley.  

Color and Bloom Time

One should also consider color placement and bloom seasons. Most perennials bloom for a short period of time; therefore, gardeners should strategically place plants in areas where colors can be integrated and balanced. Bloom times should also be carefully considered. The majority of perennials bloom two to three weeks per year. If a colorful seasonal garden is desired, separate plants based on their bloom season.  


In general, perennials are easy to care for; however, they do require maintenance. To reap the most from your garden be sure to fertilize, water, and appropriately care for the flowers you have planted. Some tall and/or weak‐stemmed perennials require staking to grow to their full potential. Other perennials may require pinching. This is a gardening term that helps produce more blooms and helps plants stand up right. All plants are unique, so pay close attention to their needs and maintenance requirements.   With careful consideration and a little planning, you’re sure to maintain a vibrant garden! Take time this month to enjoy the outdoors and give your garden a little tender loving care!


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