• Lawn and Yard Maintenance
  • Winter Ice and Snow Removal
  • Pond and Water Feature Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance


  Toadflax Nursery offers a full range of property management services to help maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space! Our company covers all four seasons of outdoor care!  
Our Landscape Maintenance Division, which is second to none in the North Country, has been busy for over 20 years now in our region keeping the outdoor grounds beautiful in the growing season and cleared to bare ground and safe in the winter time! Whether you have a private residential home, commercial business of any size, home owner’s association, shopping plaza or mall and are looking for a competitive bid from an experienced and proven maintenance company, please give us a call. We would be happy to meet with you and develop a program that will fit your personal desires and financial needs. The following is a list of the various services Toadflax Nursery’s Maintenance Division provides:

Lawn and Yard Maintenance

  • Spring Clean-ups
  • Irrigation System Spring Start-ups
  • Professional Mowing, String Trimming & Edging of Turf grass
  • Premium Lawn Application Programs (New York State Certified)
  • Premium Landscape Plant Application Programs (NYS Certified)
  • Seasonal Flower Plantings & Care (Spring-Bulbs, Summer-Annuals & Fall-Mums)
  • Pruning & Trimming of Landscape Plants (Trees & Shrubs)
  • Edging, Weeding (Via Hand & Chemical Controls) & Mulching of Landscape Beds
  • Perennial Garden Care
Lawn and Yard Maintenance
  • Irrigation System Fall Shut-downs (Winterization)
  • Fall Clean-ups
  • Fall Holiday Decorating (Fall Displays & Christmas Decorating)

Winter Ice and Snow Removal

Snow Blower
  • Snow Plowing From Driveways & Parking Lots (Via Plow Truck & Heavy Equipment w/ Pusher Box)
  • Snow Shoveling From Sidewalks (Via Shovel & Snow Blower)
  • Snow Removal From Parking Lots (Trucking On & Off Site)
  • Deicing Applications and Snow Shoveling to Sidewalks for Safe Passage (Concrete Friendly Bag Products)
  • Deicing Applications to Driveways, Parking Lots, Entrances & Exits (Bulk Salt & Sand/Salt Mix)

Snow Bulldozer Plow Truck

Pond and Water Feature Maintenance

Pond Fountain
  • Spring Clean-outs & Pump Installations
  • Summer Maintenance
  • Fall Shut-downs (Winterization)

Other Services

Tree Plantings
  • Tree Plantings
  • Landscape Renovation (Redo Older & Overgrown Plantings)
  • Tree & Shrub Transplants (Via Tree Spade or Hand Dig)
  • New Landscape Bed Installations (Foundations & Islands)
  • Lawn Installations & Repairs (Sod, Hydroseed & Traditional Seeding)
  • Tractor Mowing (Finish Cut & Brush Hog Work)
  • Hardscaping (Patios, Walkways, Stone Retaining Walls, Driveways, etc.)