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New Plants for 2018

Each year trade magazines and plant catalogs feature new plants that have been introduced by plant breeders and researchers. Toadflax Nursery promises to bring you the newest, hardiest, and most exciting plants each year as we add new plants to our product line. These are often plants you won’t find anywhere but Toadflax!

New Perennials for 2018

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New Annuals for 2018

  • Thunbergia ‘Arizona Lemon Sunrise’

    Thunbergia’Arizona Lemon Sunrise’

    – This twining, trailing, climber produces showy pale-yellow flowers with white lined edges and brown centers from spring to autumn. It is easy to grow in sunny to partial shaded moist but well-drained soil. Ideal for hanging baskets, trellises, window boxes, and arches.
  • Thunbergia Arizona Rose Sensation

    Thunbergia Arizona Rose Sensation

    – Whimsical pink petals with dark centers and an old-fashioned beauty spiral upward for a sweet profusion of color! Early flowering, vigorous vines climb a trellis or trail from hanging baskets. The lush, green foliage and bountiful 1″ blossoms will complete the corners of a sunny patio.

New Fruits, Shrubs, and Trees for 2018

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