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Garden Center

Toadflax Nursery’s full-service retail garden center provides everything for the discerning gardener and landscaper. The Garden Center carries a full selection of mulches and soils, shrubs and trees, common and unusual annuals and tropicals, and a complete selection of perennials. We provide all the extras such as books, garden novelties, and landscaping tools.  

New Plants for 2018

PlantsEach year trade magazines and plant catalogs feature new plants that have been introduced by plant breeders and researchers. Toadflax Nursery promises to bring you the newest, hardiest, and most exciting plants each year as we add new plants to our product line. These are often plants you won’t find anywhere but Toadflax! Visit our New Plants Page to see what we will debut this Spring.


Toadflax Nursery features 11 greenhouses filled with the widest array of annuals in the area. We promise you the best selection, the best performing, and the healthiest plants. Our hanging baskets are beyond comparison and our vast selection of flowering annuals will make your beds and patio the envy of all. Our vegetable and herb selection is second to none. Each year, we carry over 70 varieties of tomatoes and 20 varieties of peppers, along with all your favorite lettuces, squashes, cucumbers, melons, and more! Our herb selection contains all the standbys like dill, parsley, and basil – but boasts an amazing selection of lesser-known herbs like stevia, catmint, eucalyptus, and scented geraniums. We also have an extensive selection of organics.  


Toadflax Nursery brings you the area’s widest selection of hardy perennials to make keeping your landscape beautiful a snap. From full sun to dense shade, and from architectural centerpiece plants to groundcovers – we’ve got it all! Stop by and visit with our knowledgeable growers today.  


Looking to add a little something to your yard? How about… A beautiful Tiger-Eye Sumac? A bullet-proof Mock Orange? An elegant Royal Star Magnolia? Or a vibrant Sunrise Burning Bush? Our shrub yard contains over a half-acre of healthy, hardy plants.  


From the road, you’d never know that Toadflax Nursery is home of hundreds of varieties of evergreen, deciduous, ornamental, and fruiting trees. We have every size – from small containerized trees, to large B&B stock. This year we also stepped into the role of being Upstate New York’s leading Japanese Maple distributor. We have over 22 different varieties of this elegant tree!  


Looking to add decorative stone around your walkway, or perhaps build a sandbox for your children? Toadflax has a full line of functional and decorative stone materials including mason sand, slate chips, crushed limestone, and round river stone. For your convenience, call for our delivery rate to your home or jobsite, or we can load your truck or trailer at our retail center. Toadflax Nursery can also help you build a stone wall, staircase, or walkway with stone from our very own quarry or with imported pavers or tile. Visit our stone page to learn more.  

Mulch and Soil

We have the finest bark mulch center in the Lake George – Saratoga Springs area, featuring seven different kinds of mulch, as well as our own specially blended topsoil, compost, and manures. Click here to use our handy online mulch calculator, or here to purchase mulch and soil online.  

Gifts & Gardening Supplies

Whether you are looking for a new pair of gloves or shovel, or a house-warming gift for your favorite gardener, our Garden Center has a wonderful selection of tools, novelties, and gifts.