Useful Tips

  • It’s Time for Mulch!

    It’s Time for Mulch! We know just like you do that landscaping can be hard work. There’s a lot that goes into making your yard and garden perfect. You do hours of prep work, you plan, you purchase flowers, plants and bushes that will (hopefully) thrive in your hardiness zones or sunlight amounts and you take care of them over time. It culminates into a beautiful yard and prosperous garden that you’re proud of. But … don’t forget to mulch! Why should you use mulch? Mulch is great for a number of reasons; it is good for your plants and will also save you labor. All in all, it reduces evaporation, slows weed growth, improves soil quality, and makes your gardens look more attractive. Mulch helps to reduce water loss from the soil. It slows evaporation and improves water absorption when it rains, or you turn on the sprinkler. Plus,…Read More

  • Why Should I Hire a Landscaper?

    Why Should I Hire a Landscaper? Do you ever look out your kitchen window and wish you could make your yard new and improved but don’t know where to start? Landscaping your yard can be quite an overwhelming and daunting task. This is where a professional landscaper can really come in handy.   Check out these 9 reasons why hiring a landscaper is not only smart, but the first step in upgrading your yard. 1. Dealing with the Professionals If you hire a landscaper, you’re going to be guaranteed quality work because you are dealing with professionals. Landscape designers have studied and became experts when it comes to digging in the mud. You will also be ensured that the outcome you are looking for is just as beautiful as what you pictured in your mind. 2. Done Lickity Split Let’s be honest, we are all busy-bees, and life seems to…Read More

  • How to Design Dog Friendly Landscaping

    How to Design Dog Friendly Landscaping There’s not much cuter than a dog romping around in the yard – they are just so full of life and fun to have around. That being said however, they can sure wreak havoc on your landscaping, if they have a mind to! Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks we have compiled over the years to help you and your dog coexist in harmony with your landscape. We want your pets to enjoy their outdoor space as much as you do. Chose the right landscape materials The first order of business is to make sure the materials you are using in your yard are not only dog friendly, but dog proof. Mulch Gravel, hardwood or woodchip mulches are the best options for pets. They won’t stick to your dog’s coat and they shouldn’t harm your pet if a small amount gets eaten.…Read More

  • Caring for your Air Plant: A Brown Thumb’s Best Friend

    Caring for your Air Plant: A Brown Thumb’s Best Friend Air plants are the best friends of those plant enthusiasts who don’t exactly have green thumbs. These low-maintenance beauties add a little life to your home, without taking away from yours. Air plants (tillandsia), also known as tilly or till, are native from the southern US states to northern Argentina, and are typically found on tree branches, roofs, and even power lines. They are called air plants because unlike most others, these plants do not live in soil. It is their root system that keeps them attached to their home, and the leaves have the task of absorbing moisture. You may see different looking air plants, some being smooth and some hairy. The difference between them lies in the scales that lines the leaves, the trichomes. These scales are the part of the plant that absorb food and water. You…Read More

  • Long Term Care Tips for your Poinsettia

    Long Term Care Tips for your Poinsettia As the holiday season comes to an end, many of you may be noticing that your gorgeous poinsettias are starting to wilt and drop their leaves. Yes, poinsettias are gorgeous and bring a nice pop of color to long dreary winter days, but they also need a little more pampering than most house plants to stay healthy and beautiful well into the winter season. We here at Toadflax love our poinsettias, and feel like they are worth the little extra effort needed to stay healthy, so we put together some tips of the trade to help you keep them viable for several months or more. When purchasing poinsettias, make sure to take them home as soon as possible. Even though we love our poinsettias in the winter, they are a tropical plant, and as such cannot tolerate cold temperatures. They are typically grown…Read More