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New Plants for 2017

Each year trade magazines and plant catalogs feature new plants that have been introduced by plant breeders and researchers. Toadflax Nursery promises to bring you the newest, hardiest, and most exciting plants each year as we add new plants to our product line. These are often plants you won’t find anywhere but Toadflax!

New Perennials for 2017

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New Annuals for 2017

  • Bidens BeeDance Painted Red

    Bidens BeeDance Painted Red

    – This unique bicolor bidens is an ideal spot of color for your patio or as a ground cover. Bees and butterflies are attracted to this drought-resistant plant’s intense honey scent and high nectar levels. This plant is very forgiving of neglect and is extremely easy care. Mature height is approximately 12” and spread is 18”. Flowering period is from July all the way into October.
  • Calibrachoa Double Apricot

    Calibrachoa Double Apricot

    – This beautiful mini petunia is the most elegant cultivar of 2017! With its semi-trailing habit, early flowering, and hardiness you’ll find endless possibilities for hanging baskets, container gardening, or ground cover. This cali is heat tolerant and loves to be in full sun. Mature size is 6-10” tall and 12-16” wide. The best part? They are self-cleaning so they stay neat and tidy all summer long!
  • Calibrachoa Double Lemon

    Calibrachoa Double Lemon

    – There is nothing as beautiful as a million little bursts of sunshine right on your porch and that’s why we love the MiniFamous Double Lemon Calibrachoa. These dainty yellow 1-2” blossoms are irresistible to hummingbirds and will keep going from late spring until mid fall. Mature size is 6-10” tall and 24” wide.
  • Thunbergia Arizona Glow

    Thunbergia Arizona Glow

    – Commonly known as the Black Eyed Susan Vine, the thunbergia is a vigorous climbing vine is perfect for baskets, large containers, and upright vining areas. This new variety has a depth of color that will remind you of the most beautiful Arizona sunset – all while being heat tolerant and low maintenance. The Arizona Glow Thunbergia loves full sun and mature size can reach 60-96” tall and 16-24” wide.
  • SolarPower Red Sweet Potato Vine

    SolarPower Red Sweet Potato Vine

    – This striking ipomoea makes an eye-catching ground cover or combination hanging basket. The plant has deeply cut leaves that remain a showing red – coppery-bronze all season. Relatively low maintenance in full sun to partial shade, SolarPower Red will grow to be about 12” tall at maturity with a spread of about 3 feet.

New Fruits, Shrubs, and Trees for 2017

  • Genista Bangle

    Genista Bangle

    – This deer-resistant perennial is drought and heat tolerant, producing masses of electric yellow flowers in mid to late spring. Mature height is 12-24 inches and spread is 12-24 inches. It is a great groundcover, container specimen, or border for a rock garden. The Bangle adds an interesting addition to perennial gardens and has a fantastic texture even when not in bloom.